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Doan Valley | Hadhramaut Governorate, Yemen


15° 41' 7.7172" N, 48° 16' 6.3588" E
Doan Valley

Doan Valley - Photo:

Narrowly, Hadhramaut refers to the historical Qu'aiti and Kathiri sultanates, which were in the Aden Protectorate overseen by the British Resident at Aden until their abolition upon the independence of South Yemen in 1967. The current governorate of Hadhramaut roughly incorporates the former territory of the two sultanates. It consists of a narrow, arid coastal plain bounded by the steep escarpment of a broad plateau, with a very sparse network of deeply sunk wadis (seasonal watercourses). The undefined northern edge of Hadhramaut slopes down to the desert Empty Quarter.

The Hadhramis live in densely built towns centered on traditional watering stations along the wadis. Hadhramis harvest crops of wheat and millet, tend date palm and coconut groves, and grow some coffee. On the plateau, Bedouins tend sheep and goats. Society is still highly tribal, with the old Seyyid aristocracy, descended from the Prophet Muhammad, traditionally educated and strict in their Islamic observance and highly respected in religious and secular affairs.

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Doan Valley

Doan Valley- Haid Al Jazil - Photo: S.Ichih

Doan Valley

Doan Valley - Haid Al Jazil

Doan Valley

Doan Valley - Town of Hajarayn - Photo: Jayavarman VII

Doan Valley

Doan Valley - Al Khuraybah - Photo: Sergenious

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